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"Don't Tell Me No More"
"Shadow Man"

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About the artist

ALAN is an Australian singer and saxophonist from Adelaide, South Australia.
Since learning to play the saxophone in secondary school ALAN has had an ongoing love for all styles of music. Discovering his singing voice in his adult years, ALAN started performing regularly (both instrumentally and vocally) with the City of Adelaide Concert Band, developing a smooth tenor sound of timeless quality.
Well suited to the band’s popular collection of jazz and swing styles from the 1930s and 40s, ALAN continues to grow in experience in public performance showing a relaxed confidence on stage with a hint of theatrics.

About the composer

J.R. Till (Jon) is a musician, composer and song-writer based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Completing an Arts degree majoring in Music and English (words and music), Jon has writen countless pieces of music, including arrangements for other original works.

Inspiration for his music comes largely from his own life experiences, with particular inspiration from Beethoven who battled deafness with great determination.

Jon’s original music as been performed pubically in concert by the City of Adelaide Concert Band, and others.

Jon, now retired, continues to write music from his home with support from his wife of 46 years.

Jon (piano)
Carlie (drums)
Aaron (bass guitar)

Recorded live at RDMS Studios in Wynn Vale, South Australia

Bob (trumpet)
Bill (flute)
Jon (alto saxophone)
Alan (tenor saxophone)


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